District 10 – Hunger Games Party

Here we are at District 10 with the industry of “livestock”.  Whilst I would have loved to have seen the girls running around after all the scrub turkeys we have around here I decided upon this different game… In the Hunger Games there are lots of references to poison berries and Mockingjay birds.  Whilst theContinue reading “District 10 – Hunger Games Party”

District 8 – the Hunger Games Party

Howdy all. This post will bring you details of the game we did at the Hunger Games Party for District 8, their industry is textiles.  This activity was easy!  Let’s pull out the Big Shot and have a play!  Mum had recently taught me a super cool technique with bottle tops so I incorporated itContinue reading “District 8 – the Hunger Games Party”

District 5 & 6 – Hunger Games Party

In the Hunger Games District 5 is described as having the industry of Power. At first I misunderstood this to mean electricity but since discovered it is power harnessed from solar, wind or nuclear sources.  I struggled to come up with any ideas that were not either too complicated, time consuming or dangerous.  I didContinue reading “District 5 & 6 – Hunger Games Party”

District 3 & 4 – Hunger Games Party

District 3’s industry is all about technology/electronics etc.  We had brought Tegan the Hunger Games Soundtrack for her birthday and were playing it throughout the party.  For the game for this district I put on a random song from the CD and asked the first person who could name song title and artist to raise theirContinue reading “District 3 & 4 – Hunger Games Party”

District 2 – Hunger Games Party

To follow on from my previous posts about Tegan’s recent Hunger Games party…once all the guests had arrived and done their nail polish we headed into the craft room.  The girls were all really excited to see my craft space which was cute.  They were a wonderful bunch of girls, keen to have a goodContinue reading “District 2 – Hunger Games Party”

District 1 – Hunger Games Party!

Many of us would be aware that the Hunger Games is brutal and perhaps not an appropriate choice for a theme for a party, but I think the twist we put on a contemporary theme worked really well. I really don’t want to give the book/movie away for those who haven’t yet enjoyed it forContinue reading “District 1 – Hunger Games Party!”