Desk Calendars

Here’s a perfect little something for someone!  I’m sure most people would find a little calendar and some post-it notes handy.  I love giving these to teachers and to friends who have jobs that tie them to a desk.   The little calendars can be found at scrapbooking shops or online. These little free standingContinue reading “Desk Calendars”

Teacher’s Gifts!

I promise myself every single year that I will not be making gifts at the last minute….and then BAM – life happens! So here we are the last week of Primary School and I’m crafting like a mad person yet again! I was inspired by a project by Brandi Cox, she packaged a small collectionContinue reading “Teacher’s Gifts!”

Christmas Countdown – Project 83

I have run a few recent workshops that feature this awesome Stepper Box.  It is a great project for that “wow” factor. Here it is open: This is a great gift for teachers as they can keep it on their desk for paperclips, erasers etc.  It is also a great gift for little girls asContinue reading “Christmas Countdown – Project 83”