Some Stampin’

Can you believe it? Some stampin’! Making these cards reminded me of how much I love to stamp, not that I have done much over the last few weeks… And here is the girl version: These cards have been made with a Christmas Stamp Set “stitched stockings”.  It is always great to know how versatileContinue reading “Some Stampin’”

Christmas extras

Here are some bits and pieces that added to our Christmas celebrations: A Christmas tree made out of Gingerbread.  I had a great Thermomix recipe that was strong and didn’t get all puffy when it cooked.  The tree was made using a kit I had purchased a few years ago, you got a few differentContinue reading “Christmas extras”

What Christmas?

Phew, didn’t that Christmas come and go like a Hurricane? Here is my Christmas table: Then I woke up 🙂 Here is the table we actually had (as you can see I was too lazy to paint my walls red): Here is a close up of the chair decorations that my Dad and my husbandContinue reading “What Christmas?”

Christmas in July preparations.

I realise that the thought of Christmas Cards may send a shudder through anyone at this time of the year, so hopefully this post will not offend 🙂 Basically Christmas was a massive shocker in our house last year.  I was rostered to work and was NOT HAPPY.  We had a lovely Christmas Eve and aContinue reading “Christmas in July preparations.”