These are a few of my favourite things!

Please tell me that you sang the title of this post, I’ll be so disappointed if you didn’t! I set up my little desk fan to dry my coloured doily and it struck me how many of my favourite things were all clustered on my desk together.  I’m still fine-tuning my desk organisation after myContinue reading “These are a few of my favourite things!”

Workspace tip!

I’m delighted to once again have some time in my studio this morning.  While crafting I remembered an awesome accidental find of mine.  While helping out in our school tuckshop for a “red day” (when the school holds a fundraiser and for that day is able to sell foods not usually permitted) we were unboxingContinue reading “Workspace tip!”

A boy’s room makeover!

My son’s room was a disgrace….I did actually bribe him into giving me his bookcase for my studio which made things significantly more messy. It took days but I sold the big chest of drawers (it wasn’t easy for him to use and was dominating his room) and with the profit I purchased a bookcaseContinue reading “A boy’s room makeover!”

What have I been up to you ask? Here’s a preview…

It seems to be a firm tradition of mine to rip our home apart in the time between Christmas and the early new year.  The lead up to Christmas combined with all of the end of school year events tends to stretch me very thin and our house always looks like a bomb has hit.Continue reading “What have I been up to you ask? Here’s a preview…”

What you can expect if you marry an IT guy…

Remember the days of having a telephone on the wall? I don’t… It had gotten so far out of hand that there was only one thing to do….head to the thrift shops…. I found this… And although it was nice the way it was it needed a makeover to fit in with the room… Neat andContinue reading “What you can expect if you marry an IT guy…”

I blame Japan and Pinterest

Hopefully this post title has got you intrigued…what is she talking about now you may ask? Ok, so the Japan part…we recently had two Japanese students come to stay with us.  Sana in July and Tsuyoshi in August.  We fell in love with them both and we were sad to see them both go home. Continue reading “I blame Japan and Pinterest”