Cleaning Blending Brushes

Have you had the opportunity to play with our new Stampin’ Up! Blending Brushes? You will find them here or on page 70 of the January-June 2021 Mini Catalogue. The brushes come in a pack of three. They are a high quality brush that also provides the most beautiful tactile experience – they are lushContinue reading “Cleaning Blending Brushes”

A tip for tracking your framelits!

Here’s another tip for keeping track of framelits (or as I like to say…the lego of the craft world!). Each packet has a code, for example our Large Number Framelits are 140622. Check out your individual framelits, it may not be easy to see at first but they will be etched with this code too…Continue reading “A tip for tracking your framelits!”

Framelits….like lego only smaller!

When I was blessed with our son I quickly realised that my skills as a mother were no match for the superiority of Lego.  I do adore Lego, building it with my little boy are some of my most cherished memories (especially when he saves me steps for me to do so I “don’t feelContinue reading “Framelits….like lego only smaller!”

Tips – how to keep track of what you have!

Check out These Are My Stamps for an excellent way to catalogue your supplies, it is what I use to add my product lists at the end of my posts. There are other ways to keep a track of what you have.  One of my customers Ruth has a file and uses old catalogues toContinue reading “Tips – how to keep track of what you have!”

Tip – using the Stampin’ Up! Grid Paper

Did you know that you can buy the Grid Paper that you will see on your place each time you come along to class?  They are not only great for helping to protect your work surface but  also a fabulous place to jot down your wish list and clean off your blender pens as youContinue reading “Tip – using the Stampin’ Up! Grid Paper”

A beginner crafter….I begin projects but don’t seem to finish them!

I came across this meme on Facebook and it really resonated with me, unfinished projects are most certainly something I’ve been known to collect!  Hopefully this year I’ll be able to finish a heap of them off! I decided to tackle one area of the house that was unfinished.  I started brightening up this wallContinue reading “A beginner crafter….I begin projects but don’t seem to finish them!”

Product Spotlight – the Precision Base Plate

Have you noticed all the intricate framelits we have now?  Detailed butterflys, dragonflys and flowers are a beautiful addition to your creations but if they take a long time to cut it may feel like they are not worth using. We now have the precision base plate and the difference it makes to cutting aContinue reading “Product Spotlight – the Precision Base Plate”

Stitched Shape Framelits are available from today!!!

That’s right, they’re back! The Stitched Shapes Framelits were available in November BUT they were so popular they sold out much more quickly than anticipated AND THEN the next shipment sold out super quick too!  Happily you can now order your own set and at $50 for 12 shapes they’re great value. Pop over toContinue reading “Stitched Shape Framelits are available from today!!!”

Where #imbringingbirthdaysback from…

I found this writing desk on Gumtree, I’m sadly a bit of a Gumtree addict, currently in rehab…it’s better if I just don’t look! Here’s how I found it This is how it looks now… and where I keep my stash of cards, stamps and envelopes (plus of course my #imbringingbirthdaysback stamp). If you wantContinue reading “Where #imbringingbirthdaysback from…”