What’s your story?

No one else can tell your story like you can.

If you were gone tomorrow what stories have you recorded for those around you? Your stories matter more than you may think!

I’ve done my own story (so far). I used my own guide of questions to prompt me along and added some of my favourite photos throughout the years. It is a combination of my recollections along with my thoughts of the things that matter to me. I plan to do additional books every few years for as long as I’m lucky enough to walk the Earth.

As you can imagine I’m working with my husband to build his own book. I’ve recorded many conversations that I’ll turn into text for him to proof read and add to. Recording him means I’ll be able to retain his “voice” even though I’m typing it all up. I’m scanning his childhood photos and have a folder in my Photos App for him to choose from. Once completed I publish my books using Blurb.

Recording our stories connects us with our blessings and reminds us of what is important. Anyone connected via Social Media with my husband would know that he is a bicycle enthusiast. He loves tinkering with bikes and enjoys a good Buy/Sell experience. He shares this hobby with his father, they both love riding – especially when they can manage to get out together!

We recently were thrilled to uncover these precious memories captured by Pete’s Auntie Therese (who is always amazing at snapping these type of moments). This is Pete’s Grandad who despite losing an arm in an accident was building and painting a cherished gift for Pete.

I’ve printed and laminated these photos and placed them above his bike workbench. They will also be included in Pete’s legacy album. I bet Vince is loving seeing his son and grandson enjoying something that he had made time for in his own life. I would have loved the opportunity to talk with Vince about what was important to him. I feel fortunate to have recorded how Pete felt about this bike and the gift of time that his Grandad put into this project just for him.

I will be running workshops to guide you to build your own Legacy Projects. In the meantime you can start writing down different memories, I’m confident you’ll be glad you did. I can also work one-on-one to make your own albums with you. Prices start at $30 an hour, album supplies/publishing additional. Contact me for more information.

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