Cleaning Blending Brushes

Have you had the opportunity to play with our new Stampin’ Up! Blending Brushes? You will find them here or on page 70 of the January-June 2021 Mini Catalogue. The brushes come in a pack of three. They are a high quality brush that also provides the most beautiful tactile experience – they are lush and soft and feel so gorgeous on your skin that I’m quite sure my kids are going to steal them for themselves!!!

Using them is a breeze, simply tap onto your ink pad to transfer some colour and then apply to your cardstock – I prefer light circular strokes. Start light and keep building your colour intensity, it is easier to add colour than to try to take it away.

So you’ve finished and it’s now time to clean your brushes.

As you can see they take on quite a lot of colour. I have read that it is fine to wipe them onto scrap paper until the colour no longer transfers. I do think though that when you picked up the next colour you’d get some mixing of the two colours so I’d prefer to wash mine.

I tried three different methods;

  • clean warm running water
  • Stampin’ Mist
  • Make Up Brush cleaner (Daiso brand)

I believe I achieved an identical result with all three methods. My brushes are all slightly stained however are very clean and do not transfer any colour to paper at all. My advice, save your money and supplies for where you do actually need them and use warm running water to clean out your Blending Brushes. Stampin’ Mist may be helpful if the ink is not budging and has become a bit more stubborn.

Reminder – Stampin’ Mist contains a rubber conditioner and is an important step in the ongoing care of your rubber stamps. You can find Stampin’ Mist here, I like to add some onto my pre-moistened Simply Shammy

My current Forever Fern class features the Blending Brushes. Class dates are here, if you have missed these dates but would like to book at date that suits you please get in touch and we can work something out!

Hope to see you soon!

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