A month of scrapbooking – day 16

This is a tip for adhering my fine lettering that I shared on Facebook yesterday….

I really like this Xyron create a sticker, it means the glue is only where I want it to be.

Today’s layout features in each of the albums for my daughters.  I simply had to add the date.  This photo was used in my Christmas Cards that year.  The girls were told they could have the lollypop after the photo shoot if they all gave me lots of awesome smiles 🙂  I had wrapped my son’s lollypop in glad wrap as I didn’t want such a little kid to have all that sugar (I think he knew he had a limited time to try to get to it).

I used a program like photoshop to make part of the photo colour and leave the rest black and white.  You basically overlap two versions of the same photo, one colour and one black and white over the top.  You then “erase” parts of the black and white image to reveal the colour photo underneath.

Thanks for looking! See you tomorrow!

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