A month of scrapbooking – day 15

We have made it to the half way point on my challenge “to complete an unfinished layout or create a new one from scratch every day for the next 30 days”.

I still have a lot of layouts to complete for my kid’s albums to be up to date (these are simply the albums that I will give them on their 21st birthdays, I don’t even want to face how behind I am in everything else (I do have a plan though)).

In companion to these albums will be a collection of letters written to them each year.  This week I will be making sure these are up to date and also pulling information out of them to add to the pages.  I’ll share more about that as I do it.

Today’s layout….

It has been five years since this photo was taken!  This layout was mostly done but I added the date and some journalling to help remember what my son was like at this age.  When I was initially working on this page a few years ago I would have assumed the photo was enough, as the years pass you realise you want those little stories to refresh your memories.

See you tomorrow!

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