A month of scrapbooking – day 5

Here we are at day 5 of my own scrapbooking challenge…“to complete an unfinished layout or create a new one from scratch every day for the next 30 days”.  Check out this first post here to get some more information on my children’s scrapbooks *day one* 

I don’t have a layout to show you today, but heaps of preparation was done so I’m saying that my efforts count 🙂

I was finding that I was getting muddled about where I was up to and so took the time to plan my missing layouts and print my photos.  I find this hard as I get so sidetracked by all the gorgeous photos and memories!

I have a little PictureMate Epson Printer (which I love but they are discontinued) so I can print my photos off as soon as I have found them. This is a game changer for me, I get so much more done this way, I would lose so much momentum by having to wait until I could get to a photo printer.

As they were printed I added their dates onto a post it note and then slid the photo and date into the appropriate empty page protector.  This keeps my layouts in order so I can easily see where I need to catch up.

As I see photos that I want to use I can often match them up with a layout I’ve pinned to my Scrapbooking Pinterest Board.  If a layout seems perfect I’ll print it out and pop it in with the photo in the page protector (I won’t remember which one I liked otherwise).  It saves time when I got to put the page together.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

One thought on “A month of scrapbooking – day 5

  1. Great ideas here Rebecca for being organised. I love the idea of printing off the layout you like to add to the photos. As you say it is so easy to forget what you wanted to do with the photos when you get back to them.


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