A month of scrapbooking – day 3

Here we are at day 3 of my own scrapbooking challenge…“to complete an unfinished layout or create a new one from scratch every day for the next 30 days”.  Check out this first post here to get some more information on my children’s scrapbooks *day one* 

Yesterday I showed you the layouts for each of my daughter on their first birthday.  My son’s needed to be different as they had such feminine floral designs.  I did find that the layout and colours I came up with for his layout did suit pages for my girls and so duplicated the look for them too.

As part of my challenge I simply had to add their “number” and a date, you will notice that Zane’s layout is more distressed around the edges and I have used two greens.  I purchased this paper so long ago I’ve got no idea what the brand or style is, it was just from a  store, not Stampin’ Up! *gasp*

Any questions just let me know!

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