Pay it forward…cardmaking style

You love to make cards but do you always have someone to give all of your creations to?

For me personally I have made a much more conscious effort to give out Birthday Cards throughout the year.  I’ll hand deliver as many as I can.

I love giving thank you and general appreciation cards to teachers, coaches and friends.  Sometimes a bit of a ‘cheer you up’ card is needed too.

But if you’ve done all this and you still have a stash or if you really want to reach out and share the love check out these amazing organisations that can redistribute your cards for you.

  • Firstly you can approach your local Retirement Village, Hospital or Church to see if they would like a box for their community to use.  They would no doubt think that was wonderful and the cards would be appreciated all year round.
  • Your local Meals on Wheels may also love to have cards on hand for their clients, what a lovely surprise that could be! Contact information here.
  • Stampin’ Up! support Ronald McDonald House and they would love to have a stash that their guests could use throughout their stay.  To find your closest Ronald McDonald House in Australia you can check it out here.
  • Women’s Shelters  would love your donations.  My favourite Women’s service is My Friend’s Place.  Click here for their contact information, I’m sure they’d love a stash of cards.  They like to have one to welcome a woman into their new home as they flee a life of domestic violence, the women would also enjoy access to cards too.
  • Foster Care Organisations such as The Pyjama Foundation are wonderful.  They send birthday cards to kids in foster care and also to all their “Pyjama Angels”.  You can send you cards to PO Box 9 Banyo, QLD, 4014, more information is here.
  • Cards for Combat organise for boxes of cards to be sent over to our defence personnel to use to connect with their loved ones back home.  It is important that these cards do have have any glitter that may fall or rub off.  If you would like to contribute you send your cards to:  Kathy Fynmore, Combat Cards, PO Box 1172. Werribee Plaza VIC 3030.  The instructions for this group are detailed and specific so please take the time for have a read before you send off your cards.  This is the Facebook link (if you don’t have Facebook I can send you the instructions)
  • Other groups like you may like to interact with include Random Acts of Kindness run by Kylie Bertucci (she is in Australia).  There is another one “Shower with kindness“, I think that one is more US based.  Both of these links are on Facebook.


I hope that is a good place to start. Please add other groups that you know of in the comments.



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