A beginner crafter….I begin projects but don’t seem to finish them!

I came across this meme on Facebook and it really resonated with me, unfinished projects are most certainly something I’ve been known to collect!  Hopefully this year I’ll be able to finish a heap of them off!

I decided to tackle one area of the house that was unfinished.  I started brightening up this wall around the middle of last year.  Our lounge room is really dark as it doesn’t have any windows, it has also been painted quite a dark colour so I thought a lighter wall would help.

I was doing pretty well, I got the wall painted, put up some picture shelves from IKEA, found this awesome clock (also at IKEA) and recovered some cushions.  I got started on selecting the pictures and then BAM my external hard disc drive (holding all my photos) crashed.  The photo issue has now been rectified (thanks to Zero Alpha, located at Boondall Qld, absolute legends).

So here it is all done, some of my all time favourite photos are featured here;



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