A change of pace, a bit of beading!

My eldest daughter finished high school last year and ended the year with the Formal on the last day.  We were so fortunate to be surrounded by awesome business woman who collectively helped to make my daughter’s evening such a success.

We adore our makeup artist Lauren (fun fact – I was there when she was born),  her skills are incredible and to make it even better she is lovely and very efficient.

You’ll find Lauren’s Facebook page here, her website here and you’ll find her on instagram (laurendelucamakeup) where you will see Tegan’s makeup before and after.

Our hairdresser is also awesome.  We love Stacy and she is also so lovely and quick. She works from her own home salon, we all love going there. You’ll find Stacy on Facebook here, if you don’t have Facebook send me a message and I’ll give you all her contact details.

One of my dearest friend’s found a brilliant local business Mirror Mirror who have blown the idea of a corsage right out of the water.  Her work is divine and the corsage stayed gorgeous all night (it was a typical revolving hot Brisbane day).  The corsage gets delivered to your door so that’s one less thing to worry about on a busy day.  This was the photo my friend took, the colours are really stunning!

Tegan’s was beautiful too.

Once the night is over you still have a beautiful keepsake bracelet. You need to remove the wires (this is very easy to do) and you have extra beads that have been wired through the flowers (you may be able to see them in the photos above).

I added one extra bead and the little padlock from my own beading stash and with the extra beads that were threaded through the flowers I was able to add a little extra section in the bracelet and a set of earrings.

It was a nice change to do something different again, and it has reminded me I have a big pile of broken costume jewellery that I really should fix someday!

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