What does scrapbooking mean to you?

(Warning, long post to follow, I’m really passionate about this topic – I think you’ll quickly find that’s obvious)

What does scrapbooking mean to you?

15 years ago it pretty much meant a day with some of the finest humans I know while cutting paper and placing photos on another piece of paper 30 centimetres square.  We would pay $20 to cover room hire and refreshments and get busy solving all the problems in our worlds. Many times we would be also caring for babies and these babies did not always cooperate (one of my friends got covered in poop when I asked her to hold a twin “just for a sec”, to make matters worse she was on her first outing away from her own baby who is only a few months older).  Sometimes the conversations were so important that the paper crafting needed to put to the side.  No matter if the completed scrapbooking pages were a work of art or simply a few squares to be packed away and attempted again next time these days were always valued and our money was handed over without question.  In fact if an “outsider” was at our table and would question our “value for money” due to how little paper crafting we may have achieved that session those of us within the inner sanctum would look at this person with horror – absolutely mortified that she didn’t appreciate the depth of therapy gained in that day.

These days I do my best recreate this atmosphere within my classes.  I know that you can buy craft supplies anywhere and the internet is bursting with amazing ideas and tutorials.  What I can offer is a day that is designed to bring you joy, a day that puts you in the company of other women who love crafting and want an escape from the pressures of daily life.  If the need be I also want you to be able to find your therapy in the wisdom of everyone else sharing the space with you that day.

Today my scrapbooking is varied.  So many different styles and systems have evolved since I started scrapbooking.  I am so grateful for the scrapbook pages I have, they keep my memories and my photos together, reading back through them I am astonished about how much I had already forgotten!  Here is a list of the projects I have ongoing and then I’ll discuss them in further detail..

  1. Project Life year in review (using the app)
  2. Project Life style simple scrapbooking pages to fill gaps in my traditional albums (using the physical product (journalling cards sold through Stampin’ Up! in the Project Life kits)
  3. Traditional 12×12 scrapbooks in Creative Memory Albums
  4. Traditional 8×8 scrapbook albums for my kids on their 21st birthdays
  5. Special 6×8 Project Life albums for milestone birthdays.
  6. Physical Project Life year in review albums (not using the app)
  7. Project Life albums with physical product for each of the kid’s school work.
  8. Project Life albums with physical product for each of the kid’s school photos.

Ok here we go…

1.Project Life year in review (using the app).

Becky Higgins is absolutely my bestie, she just doesn’t know it yet, imagine how excited she will be when she finds out!!!  Look at us together, it is meant to be…  I was unbelievably excited when I heard that Stampin’ Up! were going to carry Becky Higgin’s products – two of my favourite things have come together!

The Project Life App is available for both android and iOS.  It has been designed to be very simple to use on either your phone or tablet/iPad.  You can print directly from the App (and make photo books if you live in the US).  I’ve exported my pages and then printed them through www.scrapbookprinting.com.au I’ve asked around and everyone who has printed digital scrapbook pages recommends these guys, they seem to be the best economical solution for 12×12 inch photo printing.

Once you get your photo pages back you slip them into page protectors and pop them into your album, done!


Another awesome integration is the PicTapGo App that works in beautifully with the Project Life App, it is quick and easy to add filters to your photos that can fix common light issues and the like.

So this system works well for me for my year in review as each Sunday night I can go through my photos on my phone and add them to the pages for that week (usually a double page spread for each normal week.  If the week includes a birthday or a holiday it may be more, it the week has been very dull it may have to be a single page).  The App includes a lot of collections of journalling cards and cute images that add to the appeal of your pages, there are plenty of different themes and you can purchase more if you choose.

Another tip when using the App is to set up something like iCloud photo sharing so that you can access photos from your family members or your other devices, my phone struggles with storage space so this has been invaluable for me.  This style of scrapbooking will be my solution for year 2013 onwards.

Here’s an example of a typical week in our album…


[/left] [right]


Want more information, check it out here….

2. Project Life style simple scrapbooking pages to fill gaps in my traditional albums (using the physical product (journalling cards sold through Stampin’ Up! in the Project Life kits)

I have a lot of physical product, I think hoarder is a very strong word and I’d like to think it doesn’t apply to me.  For every year prior to 2009 I will be organising my photos into layouts similar to this simple ones done above and then stuck into the Creative Memories Pages and put into the Creative Memories Albums. These pages will fill the gaps in my traditional albums.

These albums can be a little easier if you already have a stack of photos printed out and you just need to cut them to size and stick them down.  The journalling blocks can be a little easier to either hand-write or print onto cardstock.

An example of these kits are here…


3.Traditional 12×12 scrapbooks in Creative Memory Albums

My first love, not unknown for it to take days to produce just one page. Sometimes the embellishments take over the photo itself. Not something that anyone who didn’t love craft would consider.  These pages are mostly before 2009 and each year is not complete, hence why I am having to fill the gaps with my system above in number 2.

You’d better believe that’s real stitching on that page, we take this craft very seriously!

Hand cut letters mean you really care…

Nothing says attention to detail like ribbon that coordinates with your photos (and too many stickers are never enough)…

4.Traditional 8×8 scrapbook albums for my kids on their 21st birthdays

These albums were started so that the kids would have a snapshot of their childhoods on their milestone birthday.  These albums will be given to the kids along with a collection of letters written to them each year around their birthday.  The letters talk about what they are like at that age and what is going on in our lives at that time.  The albums feature a photo of them about every 6 months as well as pages that highlight various family moments (these include births of siblings or particularly special family photos). The 8×8 size is a bit easier to work on, each album is becoming quite large and may in fact end up being two or three albums per child.

The actual album itself will no doubt change before I give them to the kids….as you can see one of them was within reach of a toddler at some stage…

This is an example of a shot of the kids together that I just couldn’t resist adding.

I wanted to honour the relationship between their Dad and I so that they strive for someone who is worthy of them in their adult years.

I wanted to capture family moments and I will occasionally include a page where we are all together, we don’t get photos of the six of us often enough.  Pages like these are made identically for all four albums.

These individual pages are really what the album was initially all about.  In flicking through the albums I have noticed that I really need to add more dates onto pages like this.  Remember that a letter for each age is to be given at the same time so a lot of journalling is not included on these pages.

5.Special 6×8 Project Life albums for milestone birthdays.

An example of this is the albums I made for each of my twins when they turned 13.  These albums are hybid, meaning that they are a combination of some elements completed in the app and some physical product and embellishments.  These albums are meant to be a bit of a “cheer you up” after a challenging day, a little something to look at and know that you are loved.

In preparation for making this album I created a Pinterest board that anyone can join and add to, you can check it out here.

Sorry for the quick snaps, I’ve actually put these albums away and can’t find them, when I do locate them I’ll update the photos.

6.Physical Project Life year in review albums (not using the app)

These albums will be for the years 2009-2013.  I have a lot of printed photos and I have a lot of divided page protectors as well as a lot of kits.  This will help to use all of these up but still get my pages done quickly.  I got a whole year done one weekend.

Products required are the same as below in number 7,

7.Project Life albums with physical product for each of the kid’s school work.

In our previous home we had a massive shed that I could store multiple plastic crates full of the kid’s school work and other memorabilia.  Since we have moved I have found that we simply don’t have that storage space anymore.  I have also realised that paintings don’t last well, they disintegrate and get quite smelly.  Big plastic crates full of bulky art work and scrunched up certificates are not appealing when reminiscing either.

To collate all of these special memories I have been scanning or photographing the art work. I  then print it out as a photo on my Epson PictureMate (They are not available anymore but the link will tell you about it so maybe you can find something like it.  I know that the Selphy is popular).  I find that being able to print the photo instantly keeps me in place with my project and I get more done.  Once the artwork is photographed and in the album the original artwork is thrown out *gasp* shocking I know!

So this…

Gets turned into this…

Much more appealing to look at and more likely to last the test of time…

For this project you need divided page protectors and an album (I needed two albums to fit all of this school work and craft into for Tegan). You could add embellishments with a kit if you wanted to.

8.Project Life albums with physical product for each of the kid’s school photos

The professional school photos that are done through the Primary School are large and difficult to display.  This year I purchased a Fuse Tool (I have a love/hate relationship with it, mostly user error, if you don’t touch the red-hot metal end you’ll be fine.)  The Fuse Tool means that you can convert a 12×12 page protector into a divided page to your own custom specifications.

Here’s a bit of a look at how it works….

For these albums I added printed title cards (that I made in the Project Life App) and just printed as a photo on my PictureMate.

I also added any school related photos I had for that year.  All of these photos fit into one album. Do not even get me started about how much my matchy heart loved how these backdrops coordinated with each other in each line.  This is the first page in the school photos album.

Each double page has the class photo, the individual photo, a title card and assorted photos from the year

The next double page spread is the mirror image of the one before due to the way the page pockets were fused

As we got into high school I needed to change the layout as instead of full class photos you get a book full of every student’s individual photo.  I now have a single page for the year and then a pouch for the book.

This album and the school memory one, along with folders full of school reports and certificates were given to Tegan on her second last day of school (the actual last day was going to be super busy with the formal).

I found these lovely folders (for school reports and other important certificates, I needed two for Tegan) at Officeworks…

Thanks for reading.  Contact me if you have any questions.  I’d love to show you more whenever you are here so don’t hesitate to let me know what you would like to see.

3 thoughts on “What does scrapbooking mean to you?

  1. Wow, Rebecca, you truly are an organised girl. I scrapbook so randomly but do love all the options you listed and use them to varying degrees. Thanks for outlining in so much detail how you keep it all together.


  2. When I grow up I want to be you! You inspire me!!

    I remember those early scrapbooking days with the fondest of memories… such good good times! And i often retell the story of the lady who joined us and was shocked that we didnt care if we didnt get a page done… she was never seen again… take that how you will 😉

    I miss the simplicity of those times, and our get togethers…

    Much love, Mel x


  3. Rebecca you are so inspirational. I am long past doing these things for my kids so am starting with my grand son and love the idea of writing a letter for them each birthday, got to catch up on 2years worth but I can do that!! I have almost completed my family albums from 1984 to 2004 5 years to each album, still have to journal and have the odd 12 x 12 lay out to do of special events. I’m finding the journaling the hardest so many years have gone past. Also from 2004 we are digital and I haven’t or can’t use the app so have started printing out photos and it is so overwhelming, at lest I had the photos for the first 20years. Will you be doing a class on how to use the Becky Higgins App for dummies any time soon. Thanks Bev also thank for the info on how to get inspired, I would like that information on the groups. Thanks again Bev


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