2016 – The year of Becky

Calling me Becky was always only for my Nan and my parents, in the last year Pete has really embraced it, now if I don’t get a “Becky” from him I feel like I’m in trouble!  To make the name even better one of my papercrafting gurus is Becky Higgins, it’s pretty cool to share the name!

Spotlight hosted a visit from Becky Higgins last year, I of course was the first one there that morning and acted like a complete moron around her.  I launched into a rambling speech about how we have the same name, who calls me Becky, why I like being called Becky, blah blah blah. Have you ever heard yourself talking and desperately wanted to stop but can not make it happen?  Well that was me this day. You can even see it in our photo…

To complete the entire stalker thing I had going on I didn’t leave until Becky left, I had gifts not only for her but also for her husband, her three children and her employee travelling with her.

I had a magazine for her to sign (she was Creative Editor at Creating Keepsakes for many years, I brought along the issue with her and two of her kids on the cover) and she also signed a canvas for me (which now hangs near my studio). Tragic.

Anyway, I think she’s pretty great, she seems to have her priorities in order and I love using the Project Life App. Can you imagine my delight when I found out that Stampin’ Up! would be carrying her Project Life items, brilliant.   I’m currently working on a blog post that will detail my scrapbooking in more detail so I’ll talk about that more there.

2 thoughts on “2016 – The year of Becky

  1. Love you Becky… even though you will always be ‘my friend Bec.’ I have had friends of mine who are now also friends of yours through your business, talk to me about ‘Rebecca’. I don’t know who they are talking about.
    Love this story… even though nobody reads this!!!!!!!!


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