Stamping tip!

Stampin’ Up! have so many photo-polymer stamps in the range now.  They tend to be cheaper and will take up less space. They can also be an easier stamping experience as they are clear and as such tend to be able to be positioned more accurately.  They can actually be harder to get a good image if you don’t know some tips.

  1. Before first use you may like to give them a wash with warm soapy water. If you find they stop stamping well you can try this tip again later too.
  2. Use the Stampin’ Pierce Mat (page 183 of the annual catalogue) under your paper whenever you stamp.  The mat is only $9 and will save you so much heartache!  Have a look at any red rubber stamps you have, they have a layer of foam under the rubber.  By using the mat you are recreating that foam and ensuring even ink coverage.

Do you have some more tips?  Please share them with us, I love it when we all learn from each other.

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