Workspace tip!

I’m delighted to once again have some time in my studio this morning.  While crafting I remembered an awesome accidental find of mine.  While helping out in our school tuckshop for a “red day” (when the school holds a fundraiser and for that day is able to sell foods not usually permitted) we were unboxing the donuts and I found the plastic lids to be the perfect size for full card fronts.  They are perfect for the shaving cream technique as they are big enough and flat and yet also have a raised edge to help keep your work surface clean.

One of my daughters (and her friend)  had some time in the studio yesterday and they made some cards as pictured, this technique is a massive hit with this teenage age group, they still can’t resist getting the shaving cream all over their hands when they’re finished 🙂

My next step will be colouring this doily and I’ll need a lot of water, so once again this tray will be perfect.

So go forth and get a six pack of donuts from your local Coles.  If you need any help to get rid of the donuts you know where I live! (Donuts are my absolute favourite thing ever).

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