What have I been up to you ask? Here’s a preview…

It seems to be a firm tradition of mine to rip our home apart in the time between Christmas and the early new year.  The lead up to Christmas combined with all of the end of school year events tends to stretch me very thin and our house always looks like a bomb has hit.  I wouldn’t ever say that I’m a great housekeeper, however I do try and I adore home organisation.

IKEA is certainly a much loved resource of mine (my husband doesn’t agree, he does not love a trip to IKEA like I do).  I had the idea to organise a heap of my supplies into these little boxes, they have saved a huge amount of space and should make a massive difference to my crafting.


These are the ones that I have…


I will be labelling them all up of course. You’ll see them when you next come along to a class.

I have lots of other things to show you….but I’ll be spreading it out, I hope you check in here often!

I hope you get some time to create soon!

2 thoughts on “What have I been up to you ask? Here’s a preview…

    1. There may be a lot of procrastination in cleaning for me! Luckily it ends up helping us in the end (even if I’m not doing what I should be at the time 🙂 )


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