Looks pretty innocent right?

Craft paper flower


What’s the first thing you think when you look at this flower… Innocence? Beauty? Pretty?
For me I remember a day of trying to get this flower just right.  I did. I’m stubborn. But it took a lot of harm to a lot of paper to get it to look like this.  I was going for a flower like a ranunculus, pretty much the most divine flower I have ever seen, this is close but not quite there. I’ve used the Bouquet Bigz die for the Big Shot, the part that is just the individual petals. This is a lot of individual petals.

I tried with cardstock initially (my autocorrect always wants “cardstock” to be “yardstick”, drives me insane, who on Earth needs to type yardstick??? Certainly not me!  Cardstock is gorgeous for other styles of flowers but it simply could not give me the delicate look I wanted to achieve.

I moved to tissue paper as pictured here.  I coloured it with re-inkers diluted in water (Melon Mambo).  I dried them on the side of a pedestal fan (which amused my kids and of course they spent many hours singing into the fan to sound like robots).
The centre is a button that has a square of paper twisted around it and that is adhered to the top of florist wire (I just use the cheap stuff from the dollar stores, some dollar stores have the more sturdy wire, I prefer that).  Then I experimented with layers to get the look I wanted.

Will this be a class. No. No it will not. Ever.

Rebecca O'Gorman your Independent Stampin Up! Demonstrator

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