Stamp sets for sale!


I’ve got a box full of Stamp sets that really have to be loved by someone else.

Let me know if you would like a photo (or check my facebook page for more details)

Each stamp set is very heavily reduced, therefore amazing value. All stamps are stained, some plastic cases may be a little bent but all are in excellent working order.

“Printed Petals” (RRP $34.95) my price $12.50

“Mouthwaterng” (RRP $34.95) my price $12.50

“Bold Butterfly” stamps and matching wheel “flitting by” my price $25

“Good friend” my price $25

“Cottage garden” my price $10

“Pocket Silhouettes” my price $10

“Jumbo outline alphabet” RRP $77.95 my price $25

“Letter it” RRP $75.95 my price $25

“Wild West alphabet” RRP $77.95 my price $25

“Lovely letters alphabet” RRP $75.95, my price $25

“Curly Cute” RRP $34.95, my price $12.50

“Defining alphabet” RRP $79.95, my price $55

“Vintage Vogue”  my price $12.50

“Short order alphabet” RRP $77.95 my price $25

“Tiny Tags” RRP $38.95 my price $15

“Pretty Petites” $10

“Baby Bundle” RRP $49.95 my price $20

“Every moment” my price $10

“Funky Four” my price $10

“Something sweet” my price $15

“All through the year” my price $10

“Good neighbours” my price $10

“Life Definitions” RRP $90.95 my price $30


Send me an email if you would like to purchase or would like more information.

Happy Shopping




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