Christmas Countdown – Project 39

Here is more detail regarding the candle holders that I had made for my Christmas Table a few years ago (we still have them and keep reusing them, they are holding up well.


You will need to get metal from Bunnings (or another big hardware store), it is roof flashing, I hope I said that correctly, they sell it in a roll, (yes the big shot can cut through thin metal).

I used the flower folds Die Cut.

I got the cheapest gold spray paint in a can (only about $4). If you are going to add the glitter it doesn’t really matter which gold spray paint you use, if you don’t intend to add the glitter then buy the nicer brighter gold spray paint, it is way more expensive (about $20 a can) but worth it. ¬†Definitely get spray paint over the brush style – that would take way too long! Spray the paint and then add the glitter before the paint dries, adding the glitter was to fix a problem that occurred when the decorations were accidentally left out in an unexpected shower of rain – I love the glitter though.

Lily, Paige and I cut them all out (we needed 12), spray painted them and then the girls stuck them all together (in retrospect it is better to stick them together and THEN spray paint them).

By this time I had found some gorgeous glittery red candles at a local discount store (I had intended to just use basic tealight candles), I’m so glad I found these, they were perfect.

Happy Stampin’

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