Punch storage

Punches are such a wonderful tool but can be a bit of a pain to store.

My favourite way to store punches is on Ikea towel rails, however I change around my room so often I end up with too many holes in my walls.

I did have a board that I had rails on, but I wasn’t happy with that either.

I had the punches in a basket, that didn’t work for me.

Here is my current solution…a big shot area and punch storage in one (but you have to look at the before photos first)…

So this is kind of how I started out, I was trying to give my class participants somewhere to use the big shot….


Then I found this unit at a thrift shop and I liked the storage underneath, even though it was a little ugly.  I stole the bookcase from my husband’s shed with the intention of painting it…????????I then found this awesome product which meant I was going to be able to paint the laminate around the same time I found the cute little hutch for the punches…

IMG_2913I then got painting…

IMG_2945And did a little sewing…


I have put some plastic on the top as I think it will still get a lot of wear and tear from the Big Shot action.  I have yet to put it into use at a class, it will be interesting to see how it goes…I do think that the punches are going to need something to stop them moving about, we will wait and see!

Happy Stampin’


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