District 11 – The Hunger Games party.

Wow, times flies when you are reading book 2 and 3 of The Hunger Games series, doing housework *cough*.

So anyway, back to the wrap up of Tegan’s party.  District 11 is all about agriculture, so I decided to use some fruit (oranges) on wooden spoons and two players at a time until we end up with one final winner at the end.  The girls each had to balance their own orange while knocking off the other person’s orange without touching the orange or the spoon.  (I did ask them not to hurt each other, and being a lovely group of girls they were excellent, the overall winner used a tickling tactic, I’m really not sure how this game would go with a group of boys…)


So that was it for all my games.  District 12 has the industry of Coal Mining and I already incorporated that into the sling shot game.

I’ll be back with the cakes….

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