District 10 – Hunger Games Party

Here we are at District 10 with the industry of “livestock”.  Whilst I would have loved to have seen the girls running around after all the scrub turkeys we have around here I decided upon this different game…

In the Hunger Games there are lots of references to poison berries and Mockingjay birds.  Whilst the birds were not intended for food to me they were the most symbolic animal mentioned and so I structured the game around them.  Each of my tokens that the guests were trying to earn had a Mockingjay on them so I blew up balloons and put a poison symbol in all of them bar one, this last balloon had a Mockingjay token in it.  The girls then were given a balloon each and had to pop it to find their symbol.  Zane was the very unhappy recipent of a poison balloon….

See you for District 11…


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