District 8 – the Hunger Games Party

Howdy all.

This post will bring you details of the game we did at the Hunger Games Party for District 8, their industry is textiles.  This activity was easy!  Let’s pull out the Big Shot and have a play!  Mum had recently taught me a super cool technique with bottle tops so I incorporated it into the project also.

This statement of “may the odds be ever in your favor” is obviously from the Hunger Games and was printed out and then punched out with the 1 inch circle punch.  The bottle tops were pressed in the Big Shot on Tab 1 between two cutting pads.  I then stuck the circle into the bottle lid and covered the image with Mod Podge.  I left them to dry overnight.

I ironed some fusible interfacing to the back of the fabric to give it some added bulk and to stop any fraying.  I then cut it into squares so that the girls would be able to use the Big Shot themselves to cut out their flowers.  We used the flower on the Island Floral Big Shot Die.  They were so excited to do this step and to see how easy it was.

Here are the clever bunch with their projects…we stuck a magnet on the back of the flowers…



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