District 7 & 12 – Hunger Games Party

I hope you have been enjoying the posts about Tegan’s Hunger Games themed party (and not bored to death).  District 7 has the industry of lumber so it was time to make a sling shot! Pete found the most perfect piece of wood with a nice strong fork.  I then put a bit of elastic around it, made a sort of sling for the “coal” and we were done!  The coal was actually some of those BBQ rocks that you can get at Coles/Woolies.  ‘The coal was included as a reference to District 12’s industry of coal mining.

I then asked my sister for some empty soft drink cans (which she rescued from her recycling bin – thank you Kaz!), I had some black spray paint so I gave them a quick makeover.

The girls obviously had to knock over the cans with their coal and the sling shot, if they did they went through to the next round and so on.

See you soon for District 8.


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