District 5 & 6 – Hunger Games Party

In the Hunger Games District 5 is described as having the industry of Power. At first I misunderstood this to mean electricity but since discovered it is power harnessed from solar, wind or nuclear sources.  I struggled to come up with any ideas that were not either too complicated, time consuming or dangerous.  I did think they could rub balloons on their hair to generate static electricity but wondered how to make that a game.  In the end I found some frisbees that lit up and so decided that they were not only harnessing their own power to fly them but also if there was any wind they may be able to use that in their favour to get the frisbee to fly the furtherest.

Check out the trike in the photo.  For District 6 (transportation), the girls had to ride the trike around the outdoor table three times and get the quickest time.  They had a lot of fun with it and were really good natured about it, especially those with long legs!

See you again for District 7!


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