District 3 & 4 – Hunger Games Party

District 3’s industry is all about technology/electronics etc.  We had brought Tegan the Hunger Games Soundtrack for her birthday and were playing it throughout the party.  For the game for this district I put on a random song from the CD and asked the first person who could name song title and artist to raise their hand and say their name and then the answer.  Unfortunately they struggled to know the CD all that well so I ended up changing the CD and playing the game again.

District 4 has the industry of Fishing.  I got a box of Dixie Drumsticks…look how much they are shaped like a fish!!!

The game for this district was to throw the “fish” up and catch it in their mouth.  If they could do it they moved through to the next round until we had our one winner.

Here is Paige having her go, can you see her fish way up above her head?

See you soon with the details of our District 5 game…

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