District 2 – Hunger Games Party

To follow on from my previous posts about Tegan’s recent Hunger Games party…once all the guests had arrived and done their nail polish we headed into the craft room.  The girls were all really excited to see my craft space which was cute.  They were a wonderful bunch of girls, keen to have a good time…

District 2’s industry is Masonry/weapons.  I found this great tutorial here at The Brooding Hen for a mini bow and arrow set.  I needed to do a bit of preparation for them before the day but they were great fun and worth the effort.  I did change the popsicle/icypole sticks to the bigger tongue depressor style (both are available from bargain stores).

Here is Jazmin with her creation.  The girls had 3 “arrows” made from cotton buds with one end trimmed off.  They coloured the end so they would know their own arrow, the winner was the one who could shoot their arrow the furtherest.

District 3 is next…

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