District 1 – Hunger Games Party!

Many of us would be aware that the Hunger Games is brutal and perhaps not an appropriate choice for a theme for a party, but I think the twist we put on a contemporary theme worked really well. I really don’t want to give the book/movie away for those who haven’t yet enjoyed it for themselves…but Panem is ruled by the Capitol and has 12 Districts which each have their own industry to supply back to the Capitol.  Each of my games for the party was connected to a District. I had tokens that the guests were able to earn from either participating or winning each of the activities.  Obviously the person with the most tokens at the end of the party would be our Hunger Games Winner (I got a really cute toiletries bag set, it seemed to be a big hit with the winner). What’s a Hunger Games party without some Katniss inspired hair for my birthday girl…dontcha just love what you can learn on YouTube…


So… District 1 is said to have an industry of “luxury”, therefore I used this as our warm-up activity as our 5 guests were arriving, I gave the girls some brightly coloured nail poish to use, if they painted their nails they got a token. Zane is not one to miss out on the action.. 

I’ll be back with some more….

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