Perpetual Calendars!

Wanna know what happens when your friends find out that you are currently at Ikea?


You end up buying a whole lot more than you came for!

Steph suggested that I take a look at this great project by Sarah Klass, hence the need for all the frames!

This is what we have just ended up doing as a class (I have been considering running it again as a Sunday afternoon session, would you be interested?)

There were two versions that came from Paisley Petals, this one…


and this one (one of the most popular choices)


And then two from Flirtatious, one of our Specialty designer series paper packs:


and finally this one…


They were a busy lot of Big Shot cutters at this class!

Thanks to all who came along, it is great to have the classes back underway and I look forward to many more during the year.

Happy Stampin’

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