New Year renovations

I love starting the new year with a good clean out.  I am getting some items ready for a personal sale and have changed around the craft room to be all set for a busy year of classes.  Another big change has been moving my husband out of the Craft Room/Shared Office space, I loved having him in there but this way he can work on his music in his own space while I am running classes.

Here is how we initially shoved all his stuff into our study inside the house…



In moving and fiddling with all his electronics I broke the sound card on his Mini Mac (which is a big deal as it is very difficult to fix, fortunately Pete was able to get an external one).

Here is Zane helping me try out a sample pot of colour for Pete’s final approval (we went with British Paints Bamboo Stalk):


Unfortunately Zane then went on to colour the carpet with the contents of Lily’s makeup kit.  Fortunately Mum and Dad purchased a new rug for their family room and their old one looks great in the study and covers up this new artwork.  I did try to get some of the makeup off the carpet with a bucket of soapy water, the next day I used that same bucket to handwash Tegan’s white school uniform shirt and very unhappily got a big smudge of lipstick on the shirt that I didn’t notice on the side of the bucket….urgh!!!!!

Ok, so the end result….



No pink and no stamping 🙂  It was fun to work on a more masculine project for a while. It was not fun to accidently screw the shelves into the sliding door, or to get blisters on top of blisters but Pete loves the end result and that is all that matters.

Happy stampin’ or painting….

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