Christmas extras

Here are some bits and pieces that added to our Christmas celebrations:


A Christmas tree made out of Gingerbread.  I had a great Thermomix recipe that was strong and didn’t get all puffy when it cooked.  The tree was made using a kit I had purchased a few years ago, you got a few different star shaped cookie cutters and a wooden stand to put them all on.  It has been drizzled with icing sugar and those little silver edible balls.  The kids cut all the stars out, they loved it.

Here is a brownie tree that my sister made, they were so yummy:


And here are some place cards that she made (if you want them to be freestanding you need to use 3 candy canes):


Here is my sister’s attempt to get the kids to eat something decent on Christmas Day (there was a dip that went with it)


This was what Tegan learned to make at her recent High School Orientation Day, so she made a batch for us on Christmas Day:


We softened up some Ginger Nut biscuits in my shallow tray to get the concave shape.  They have been filled with caramel (the one in the can, the condensed milk one) and then decorated as above.  So cute!

Thanks for looking!

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