Magnetic Gift Pads

Here are some other gifts that I have given at recent workshops.  They have a magnet on the back so that you can pop them up on the fridge…


The instructions were here Mine are a little different as I have used the Top Note from the Big Shot.  If you are not lucky enough to have a Big Shot you will be able to follow Keesh’s instructions instead.  You may need to modify the measurements slightly depending on the size of your note pads. I got mine from Bargain City, not all of the dollar stores have them….

Close up,

Elegant Soiree:???????????????????????????????


I love the striped ribbon!  The stamp is from “Notably Ornate”.

Happy Stampin’

One thought on “Magnetic Gift Pads

  1. Again Joy and I bought up what you didnt from the treasure shop of the note pads and made up heaps of these such a great gift .[Gave away 2 today as a matter of fact]


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