Not bragging, just saying….

My mother started a family tradition way back during my primary school years.  Each year on our birthdays she would make personalised Cup Cakes (or patty cakes as they were known) for each of our fellow students.  It is a tradition that my sister and I now follow and it is a huge hit with our kids and their friends…


So, I’m sharing the idea in case you might like to do the same with your little people.  By the way, teachers love Cup Cakes, makes their job heaps easier… Make sure you make one for them though 🙂

I’m a bit sad this year though as it is the last year for Tegan to have these done for her, I have no intention of making them throughout high school, I may not be able to resist popping one in her lunchbox though…


Happy Stampin’/Baking.

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