The joy of giving!

Do you have “one of those people” in your life?  What do I mean by that do you ask?  I mean “one of those people who just don’t understand your love of craft”.  I’m sure if you think about it you will be able to tell me someone who doesn’t admire your collection of paper and stamps.   Someone who thinks that you are crazy for knowing that there is a massive difference between “Pretty in Pink” and “Pink Pirouette”, and while “Blushing Bride” is also pink it is VASTLY different to the previous two colours!  So, while I put up with these people I am looking forward to being with you, one of my favourite sorts of people, the one who gets excited about new rubber, the one who understands that it is essential to own paper, ink and pens in every colour available.  The one like my gorgeous friend who came along to my Easter workshop and then made every one of her students a Easter Rabbit Box of their very own.  This friend understands the true value of making something wonderful is actually the look on the recipients face when you give it to them.

{Yep, they did take her ages, and yes she may have regretted it when she started, but she got them all done and look how happy the kids are!}

Happy Stampin’

2 thoughts on “The joy of giving!

  1. Oh thanks Bec. Thanks for putting me on your page in a more positive light this time!!! The kids loved it, so did the parents and the other teachers were so jealous. Your workshops are good therapy and help me get through the hectic week.


  2. Hi Rebecca, I know what you mean by those not into stamping. My sister doesn’t get it, but luckily our sister-in-law does. She got me hooked onto Stampin Up. Keep up the great work. Julieanne


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