Still not a wedding in sight…

Well my Wedding envy continues… still not a invite in sight 😦  However, glad to not be in the position of my dear friend who loves to tell me exactly how many Wedding Invitations are sitting on her fridge… she is currently trying to decide how to attend a wedding up north, with plane tickets booked for the wrong weekend, and also be at a concert AND a scrapbooking weekend.  Yeah, good luck with that Nick 😦

So, instead I shall sit here and copy cards others have made for wedding that they are attending.  My inspiration was with this one by Teneale, in a desperate attempt to think for myself I have changed the stamp set to “Elements of Style” and the butterfly to the embosslit ones.  Oh, and the ribbon is different.  I love the combination of Sahara Sand and Whisper White, it is just so elegant.

3 thoughts on “Still not a wedding in sight…

  1. What a gorgoeus card. A good friend would maybe donate this card to the friend who is dealing with the stress of a series of unfortunate events! I was hoping that if I booked the flights to go to the wedding on the date that I wanted then they could maybe change their wedding so I could go to the Scrapbooking Weekend away. But they are so selfish, and decided not to change their wedding date. Geez. But don’t worry, I know you are losing sleep over this, but I managed to change my flights…and go to the Kylie concert – but can’t do the weekend away at my preferred location with my preferred friends!


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