The frame is in place!

In mid July the room was framed in two days…




The project manager hard at work in his supervision role…



This was the door to the back of the garage.  I didn’t need access outside from this door anymore, but I thought it would be great to have storage out there as this is where are chooks currently are (we have since decided to move them to another part of the yard and this area will be the vege garden so this cupboard will be a handy place for gumboots/seeds etc instead of chicken feed as it is currently used for).


The dividing wall.  We had to be careful regarding the position of this wall as we have long cars (Tarago and a dual cab Ute) and it would have been just “hilarious” if after all this we could not longer fit our cars into the garage.  This wall has a row of cupboards that open on the car side (I wanted a solid wall on the office side for bookcases).  It is not a very wide cupboard due to the car length and also because I didn’t want to sacrifice space in the office.frame7

Back with more soon….

One thought on “The frame is in place!

  1. Oh Bec these photos are way exciting!! You’ve got me on the endge of my seat waiting to see more!!! Your a lucky girl ya know – I have one wall of our bedroom to craft in! lol



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