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District 10 – Hunger Games Party

Here we are at District 10 with the industry of “livestock”.  Whilst I would have loved to have seen the girls running around after all the scrub turkeys we have around here I decided upon this different game…

In the Hunger Games there are lots of references to poison berries and Mockingjay birds.  Whilst the birds were not intended for food to me they were the most symbolic animal mentioned and so I structured the game around them.  Each of my tokens that the guests were trying to earn had a Mockingjay on them so I blew up balloons and put a poison symbol in all of them bar one, this last balloon had a Mockingjay token in it.  The girls then were given a balloon each and had to pop it to find their symbol.  Zane was the very unhappy recipent of a poison balloon….

See you for District 11…


District 9 – Hunger Games Party

The industry for District 9 is grain. For this game the girls all had to decorate a wafer biscuit with some toppings of their choice…



Then the challenge was to see who could eat their decorated wafer the fastest, the winner would recieve another token…


See you soon for District 10!

District 8 – the Hunger Games Party

Howdy all.

This post will bring you details of the game we did at the Hunger Games Party for District 8, their industry is textiles.  This activity was easy!  Let’s pull out the Big Shot and have a play!  Mum had recently taught me a super cool technique with bottle tops so I incorporated it into the project also.

This statement of “may the odds be ever in your favor” is obviously from the Hunger Games and was printed out and then punched out with the 1 inch circle punch.  The bottle tops were pressed in the Big Shot on Tab 1 between two cutting pads.  I then stuck the circle into the bottle lid and covered the image with Mod Podge.  I left them to dry overnight.

I ironed some fusible interfacing to the back of the fabric to give it some added bulk and to stop any fraying.  I then cut it into squares so that the girls would be able to use the Big Shot themselves to cut out their flowers.  We used the flower on the Island Floral Big Shot Die.  They were so excited to do this step and to see how easy it was.

Here are the clever bunch with their projects…we stuck a magnet on the back of the flowers…



District 7 & 12 – Hunger Games Party

I hope you have been enjoying the posts about Tegan’s Hunger Games themed party (and not bored to death).  District 7 has the industry of lumber so it was time to make a sling shot! Pete found the most perfect piece of wood with a nice strong fork.  I then put a bit of elastic around it, made a sort of sling for the “coal” and we were done!  The coal was actually some of those BBQ rocks that you can get at Coles/Woolies.  ‘The coal was included as a reference to District 12’s industry of coal mining.

I then asked my sister for some empty soft drink cans (which she rescued from her recycling bin – thank you Kaz!), I had some black spray paint so I gave them a quick makeover.

The girls obviously had to knock over the cans with their coal and the sling shot, if they did they went through to the next round and so on.

See you soon for District 8.


District 5 & 6 – Hunger Games Party

In the Hunger Games District 5 is described as having the industry of Power. At first I misunderstood this to mean electricity but since discovered it is power harnessed from solar, wind or nuclear sources.  I struggled to come up with any ideas that were not either too complicated, time consuming or dangerous.  I did think they could rub balloons on their hair to generate static electricity but wondered how to make that a game.  In the end I found some frisbees that lit up and so decided that they were not only harnessing their own power to fly them but also if there was any wind they may be able to use that in their favour to get the frisbee to fly the furtherest.

Check out the trike in the photo.  For District 6 (transportation), the girls had to ride the trike around the outdoor table three times and get the quickest time.  They had a lot of fun with it and were really good natured about it, especially those with long legs!

See you again for District 7!


District 3 & 4 – Hunger Games Party

District 3’s industry is all about technology/electronics etc.  We had brought Tegan the Hunger Games Soundtrack for her birthday and were playing it throughout the party.  For the game for this district I put on a random song from the CD and asked the first person who could name song title and artist to raise their hand and say their name and then the answer.  Unfortunately they struggled to know the CD all that well so I ended up changing the CD and playing the game again.

District 4 has the industry of Fishing.  I got a box of Dixie Drumsticks…look how much they are shaped like a fish!!!

The game for this district was to throw the “fish” up and catch it in their mouth.  If they could do it they moved through to the next round until we had our one winner.

Here is Paige having her go, can you see her fish way up above her head?

See you soon with the details of our District 5 game…

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