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Framelits….like lego only smaller!

When I was blessed with our son I quickly realised that my skills as a mother were no match for the superiority of Lego.  I do adore Lego, building it with my little boy are some of my most cherished memories (especially when he saves me steps for me to do so I “don’t feel left out”).  In saying that I’m guilty of not providing great places to store it and more than once I’ve heard it clatter around in my vacuum cleaner.

Once Stampin’ Up! introduced framelits, thinlits and photopolymer stamps I knew I had to grow up and get more responsible.  It is still a work in progress and many times I have delayed emptying my craft studio rubbish bins until I’m sure everything has been packed away properly.  Even when my framelits are in packets it can be tricky to know if you’ve got the right ones in the right packets and they can tend to rattle around a lot.

To help with keeping my framelits sorted correctly I have collected some great ideas from other crafters.

First step is to collect as many magnetic sheets as you can.  You’ll be surprised about where these can be found, some ideas are:

  • magnets from local businesses/health professionals.  My kids know to always grab one wherever they see them.
  • promotional material in your letterbox.  Politicians and real estate agents love to send calendars and note books to stick on your fridge.
  • sporting groups – when my son did Auskick through our Primary School there was a heap of magnetic stuff in his welcome pack
  • discount stores sell magnetic sheets, they also sell magnetic “L” and “P” plates which may be better value than the sheets in the craft aisle.
  • Office supply stores sell various magnetic products too.

I keep a lot of the packaging material our Stampin’ Up! supplies come in.  I really love the thick sheet of cardboard that comes in our Designer Series Paper packs.  It is fantastic for making boxes, templates and the like.  To store my framelits more successfully I’ve cut some down to slide into the framelit packets, I’ve then adhered magnetic sheets to one side.  I used Fast Fuse to attach the magnets, quicker than wet glue and stronger than SNAIL.  The magnets I used varied on each set depending on the sizes of each of the images.

I then used old catalogues to cut out the photo of the set to stick into the packet for an easy reference when packing up, it’s the easiest way to make sure you have all the correct pieces.

If you don’t have catalogues that you’d be happy to cut up you can place all the framelit pieces on a scanner, they will print out beautifully, then slide this reference in your packet.

I hope this helps!

Magnet photo frame for framelit and edgelit storage

I’m sure I’ve done more posts today than I have done in many months!


I wanted to share this project.  It is so simple but you would be so shocked at how long it took me to come up with!  I knew I wanted an easy way to store my framelits for the Big Shot but I couldn’t seem to get the idea that the surface had to be the magnet, not magnetic.

Here it is:


 This is just a simple photo frame that I have painted and sanded to give that shabby chic feel. The magnet sheet is from IKEA, you can buy it online from other places too. 

The fabric is from the “Comfort Cafe” series on page 171 of the main catalogue.  I have added some buttons from the Neutral Designer Buttons on page 176.  They have been adhered to the frame with hot glue.

I intend to place this frame near the Big Shot during classes so that the framelits can quickly and easily be placed in easy reach between uses.  These framelits are so small and light it is unfortunately really easy to throw them out, so I’m hoping this is a way to keep them safe.

Happy Stampin’