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Some Stampin’

Can you believe it? Some stampin’!

Making these cards reminded me of how much I love to stamp, not that I have done much over the last few weeks…


And here is the girl version:


These cards have been made with a Christmas Stamp Set “stitched stockings”.  It is always great to know how versatile our stamps can be.  There is a matching punch as well (which I forgot and cut all of these out by hand, goes to show how long it has been since I have done some serious stamping!)  This stamp set and matching punch are in the current mini and will only be available until the end of March (we have already been informed that this punch will not continue into the main catalogue, which is very unusual so get it while you can!)

Both of these cards were a case of one by Jackie Topa, I really didn’t change anything much at all.

Happy Stampin’

Christmas extras

Here are some bits and pieces that added to our Christmas celebrations:


A Christmas tree made out of Gingerbread.  I had a great Thermomix recipe that was strong and didn’t get all puffy when it cooked.  The tree was made using a kit I had purchased a few years ago, you got a few different star shaped cookie cutters and a wooden stand to put them all on.  It has been drizzled with icing sugar and those little silver edible balls.  The kids cut all the stars out, they loved it.

Here is a brownie tree that my sister made, they were so yummy:


And here are some place cards that she made (if you want them to be freestanding you need to use 3 candy canes):


Here is my sister’s attempt to get the kids to eat something decent on Christmas Day (there was a dip that went with it)


This was what Tegan learned to make at her recent High School Orientation Day, so she made a batch for us on Christmas Day:


We softened up some Ginger Nut biscuits in my shallow tray to get the concave shape.  They have been filled with caramel (the one in the can, the condensed milk one) and then decorated as above.  So cute!

Thanks for looking!

What Christmas?

Phew, didn’t that Christmas come and go like a Hurricane?

Here is my Christmas table:


Then I woke up 🙂

Here is the table we actually had (as you can see I was too lazy to paint my walls red):


Here is a close up of the chair decorations that my Dad and my husband made for me…


Here are the table decorations that Lily and Paige helped me to make:


So the story of these candle decorations….

I had got the metal from Bunnings a while ago (yes the big shot can cut through thin metal). I used the flower folds Die Cut.  I got the cheapest gold spray paint in a can (only about $4).  Lily, Paige and I cut them all out (we needed 12), spray painted them and then the girls stuck them all together (in retrospect it is better to stick them together and THEN spray paint them).  We then found out that we were going to have an extra two at our dinner seating (we have my side for lunch and Pete’s side for dinner) and therefore I needed to make another two.

By this time I had found some gorgeous glittery red candles at a local discount store (I had intended to just use basic tealight candles).  I had also made some gold decorations with the Big Shot Die “Candy Wrapper” and I was disappointed that the gold was so different to the gold I had used to spray paint.

So, as I needed more gold spray paint I decided to spend extra and get the bright gold spray paint (over $20 per can) and give the 14 candle holders another coat of paint (they looked 100% better). I left them outside to dry and ventilate (they stink intially) and didn’t realise that we got a light drizzle of rain that WRECKED them!  They now were all pitted and looked disgusting.  It is now 9.30pm on Christmas Eve and I still had a heap of Christmas Eve stuff to do!  Imagine me freaking out in the office and poor Pete trying to convince me that they actually looked “really good”.  He ended up retreating inside.  I didn’t blame him.

I tried a re-spray of the gold paint, that didn’t fix it. I didn’t have time to take them apart and sand them back.  I really didn’t want to remake them all from scratch.  I then had a search around and found a sachet of gold glitter, I gave the holders a quick spray and then sprinkled the glitter onto the wet paint and it worked! 🙂  *Happy dance!*  I did end up using up all my Stampin Up! glitter as well but fortunately had just enough.

This is what the room looked like at night:


Happy Stampin’

Card 4

Sorry for the delay in getting this card up to you, forgot I hadn’t finished uploading them all…

This card uses a Sneak Peek Stamp Set and Punch from an upcoming Mini.  You can buy it now or earn it for free with Workshop Sales.  Check out for more details….

Happy Stampin’

Christmas in July preparations.

I realise that the thought of Christmas Cards may send a shudder through anyone at this time of the year, so hopefully this post will not offend 🙂

Basically Christmas was a massive shocker in our house last year.  I was rostered to work and was NOT HAPPY.  We had a lovely Christmas Eve and a wonderful hour with the kidlets before I headed off to work at 6am.  Poor Pete developed a nasty gastro while I was at work, I got it within an hour of getting home that afternoon and the kids were all up with it all through the night.  We passed it on to my Mother, my Nephew, one of my Nieces and my Father-in-law 🙁 .  Anyway, Pete and I decided a lovely way to recreate the love of Christmas (and all that magnificant Christmas food) would be to hold a Christmas in July Celebration. Hopefully by then our family would have forgiven us too…

Here is the invite that I recently sent out:

As you can see I have once again used the idea of the little pull out invite as I did with Zane’s invite here

Once they pull out the invite they will see that I have added a tag, the only requirement of the event is that each adult guest brings along a small secret santa gift, while I was tempted to write my name on everyones tag I have in fact played nice 🙂

(yes family, I did white out the name on the tag, wouldn’t want to give you any clues).

Anyway, it is going to be a lovely night, I need to start getting more organised with my table decorations – I’ll be sure to post more about it as the time goes along.

Happy Stampin’

Christmas Scrapbooking

I loved this layout as soon as I saw it in the Idea Book and Catalogue and couldn’t wait to recreate it.

Now I just have to add the photos!

Happy Stampin’

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