A month of scrapbooking – day 20

Today I had to spend quite a bit of time going back through Facebook to refresh my memories for the letters I write to my kids.  I felt super organised after cleaning up my room and was inspired to set up the two screens, it makes it heaps easier to scroll through Facebook and write the letters at the same time.

I snatched a bit of time to finish off this page so that I could stay true to my scrapbooking challenge. It is just a simple page but I think it captures my son well at that age.

See you tomorrow!

A month of scrapbooking – day 19

Today’s pages in my 30 day scrapbooking challenge just needed some small additions.  I added the age number to make it clear how old the girls were in their photos. I added the date on Tegan’s page.  That’s it!

As time goes on I’m finding that it is really important to add dates and ages to give the pages more impact and a better timeline in the albums.

See you tomorrow!

A month of scrapbooking – day 18

Today it has been all about trying to catch up on the letters that I will give my kids when I give them the albums. I didn’t like how I was currently storing the letters, they were hard to refer to….

I think that when the time comes I will get the letters bound into a book. For now I got these folders to print the letters out into.  I still have the digital copy of the letters too, however I don’t trust technology and so having the paper back up gives me some comfort.

I love me so Kmart time, I got to have an hour there by myself before my family joined me – heaven!

I’m only about a year behind in the letters right now.  I will need to refer to some of them to help me to add some journalling to the pages that I need to complete.

See you tomorrow!

A month of scrapbooking – day 17

Welcome to day 17 of my scrapbooking challenge!

This layout to represent my son at 3 was complete aside from the date and some journalling. I’ve really noticed the need for more detail on the pages as I have been flicking through the albums after not working on them for a couple of years.  You really notice how much you have forgotten and what you really look for in the pages.  The words become much more important that the pretty paper (but I still really love pretty paper too 🙂 )

See you tomorrow!

A month of scrapbooking – day 16

This is a tip for adhering my fine lettering that I shared on Facebook yesterday….

I really like this Xyron create a sticker, it means the glue is only where I want it to be.

Today’s layout features in each of the albums for my daughters.  I simply had to add the date.  This photo was used in my Christmas Cards that year.  The girls were told they could have the lollypop after the photo shoot if they all gave me lots of awesome smiles 🙂  I had wrapped my son’s lollypop in glad wrap as I didn’t want such a little kid to have all that sugar (I think he knew he had a limited time to try to get to it).

I used a program like photoshop to make part of the photo colour and leave the rest black and white.  You basically overlap two versions of the same photo, one colour and one black and white over the top.  You then “erase” parts of the black and white image to reveal the colour photo underneath.

Thanks for looking! See you tomorrow!

A month of scrapbooking – day 15

We have made it to the half way point on my challenge “to complete an unfinished layout or create a new one from scratch every day for the next 30 days”.

I still have a lot of layouts to complete for my kid’s albums to be up to date (these are simply the albums that I will give them on their 21st birthdays, I don’t even want to face how behind I am in everything else (I do have a plan though)).

In companion to these albums will be a collection of letters written to them each year.  This week I will be making sure these are up to date and also pulling information out of them to add to the pages.  I’ll share more about that as I do it.

Today’s layout….

It has been five years since this photo was taken!  This layout was mostly done but I added the date and some journalling to help remember what my son was like at this age.  When I was initially working on this page a few years ago I would have assumed the photo was enough, as the years pass you realise you want those little stories to refresh your memories.

See you tomorrow!

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