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Stitched Shape Framelits are available from today!!!

That’s right, they’re back!

The Stitched Shapes Framelits were available in November BUT they were so popular they sold out much more quickly than anticipated AND THEN the next shipment sold out super quick too!  Happily you can now order your own set and at $50 for 12 shapes they’re great value.

Pop over to my online store to get your own or send me an email and I’ll order them for you.

Happy Stampin’

Where #imbringingbirthdaysback from…

I found this writing desk on Gumtree, I’m sadly a bit of a Gumtree addict, currently in rehab…it’s better if I just don’t look!

Here’s how I found it

This is how it looks now…

and where I keep my stash of cards, stamps and envelopes (plus of course my #imbringingbirthdaysback stamp).

If you want to know more about #imbringingbirthdaysback then check out this post here!

Happy Stampin’

Stamping tip!

Stampin’ Up! have so many photo-polymer stamps in the range now.  They tend to be cheaper and will take up less space. They can also be an easier stamping experience as they are clear and as such tend to be able to be positioned more accurately.  They can actually be harder to get a good image if you don’t know some tips.

  1. Before first use you may like to give them a wash with warm soapy water. If you find they stop stamping well you can try this tip again later too.
  2. Use the Stampin’ Pierce Mat (page 183 of the annual catalogue) under your paper whenever you stamp.  The mat is only $9 and will save you so much heartache!  Have a look at any red rubber stamps you have, they have a layer of foam under the rubber.  By using the mat you are recreating that foam and ensuring even ink coverage.

Do you have some more tips?  Please share them with us, I love it when we all learn from each other.

These are a few of my favourite things!

Please tell me that you sang the title of this post, I’ll be so disappointed if you didn’t!

I set up my little desk fan to dry my coloured doily and it struck me how many of my favourite things were all clustered on my desk together.  I’m still fine-tuning my desk organisation after my recent big studio clean out and I think I’m pretty close to having it work for me the best it ever has.

So anyway…what are some of my favourite things… we go!

  1. Little plastic drawers.  They’re not all that pretty but they’re so functional I can’t resist having them on my desk in full view.  They hold things like dimensionals, rhinestones and pearls, post-it notes, tape refills, pencils and erasers, photo paper and some of my tools.
  2. Desk fan.  Most commonly used for my comfort, I actually find it better for me than the ceiling fan in the the room.  It is super handy also for drying off paper that I’ve watercoloured or things like this coloured doily in the donut lid tray (see this post for more information).
  3. Epson PictureMate 235.  I don’t think they’re still available but I have found this to a game changer in how I scrapbook, especially with Project Life.  I have also used it heaps for school assignments.
  4. OTT-LITE True Color lamp.  This is true to daylight type light so your whites are white and your creams are cream.  It is absolutely brilliant, it means that your late night crafting will look how you thought it did once the daylight comes!  Also keeps your crafting longer as your eyes won’t get as tired.  It unfortunately will not protect you against excessive wine consumption.
  5. Typo travel mug.  A much loved gift from my sister from an very fun store.  I can’t tell you how many times I look at this and feel inspired, therefore it has to stay on my desk in full view.

So there you have it.  I have so many other great organisational items that work for me and I will continue to share them with you, maybe you’ll find something that works for you too?  Please add your own favourite things here in the comments or join us on Facebook, we can be such an valuable community for each other, which is why I love craft so much in the first place.

Workspace tip!

I’m delighted to once again have some time in my studio this morning.  While crafting I remembered an awesome accidental find of mine.  While helping out in our school tuckshop for a “red day” (when the school holds a fundraiser and for that day is able to sell foods not usually permitted) we were unboxing the donuts and I found the plastic lids to be the perfect size for full card fronts.  They are perfect for the shaving cream technique as they are big enough and flat and yet also have a raised edge to help keep your work surface clean.

One of my daughters (and her friend)  had some time in the studio yesterday and they made some cards as pictured, this technique is a massive hit with this teenage age group, they still can’t resist getting the shaving cream all over their hands when they’re finished 🙂

My next step will be colouring this doily and I’ll need a lot of water, so once again this tray will be perfect.

So go forth and get a six pack of donuts from your local Coles.  If you need any help to get rid of the donuts you know where I live! (Donuts are my absolute favourite thing ever).

A boy’s room makeover!

My son’s room was a disgrace….I did actually bribe him into giving me his bookcase for my studio which made things significantly more messy.


It took days but I sold the big chest of drawers (it wasn’t easy for him to use and was dominating his room) and with the profit I purchased a bookcase from Kmart and a couple of items from IKEA.


The good news is that he loves it and he is playing with his lego and matchbox cars again, it’s wonderful what happens when you can see the floor!

There’s even a spot for his school bag!

Hopefully it will stay this tidy!

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