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A tip for tracking your framelits!

Here’s another tip for keeping track of framelits (or as I like to say…the lego of the craft world!).

Each packet has a code, for example our Large Number Framelits are 140622.

Check out your individual framelits, it may not be easy to see at first but they will be etched with this code too…

If you would like some more tips on storing these pesky little critters you can check out this post here.

Framelits….like lego only smaller!

When I was blessed with our son I quickly realised that my skills as a mother were no match for the superiority of Lego.  I do adore Lego, building it with my little boy are some of my most cherished memories (especially when he saves me steps for me to do so I “don’t feel left out”).  In saying that I’m guilty of not providing great places to store it and more than once I’ve heard it clatter around in my vacuum cleaner.

Once Stampin’ Up! introduced framelits, thinlits and photopolymer stamps I knew I had to grow up and get more responsible.  It is still a work in progress and many times I have delayed emptying my craft studio rubbish bins until I’m sure everything has been packed away properly.  Even when my framelits are in packets it can be tricky to know if you’ve got the right ones in the right packets and they can tend to rattle around a lot.

To help with keeping my framelits sorted correctly I have collected some great ideas from other crafters.

First step is to collect as many magnetic sheets as you can.  You’ll be surprised about where these can be found, some ideas are:

  • magnets from local businesses/health professionals.  My kids know to always grab one wherever they see them.
  • promotional material in your letterbox.  Politicians and real estate agents love to send calendars and note books to stick on your fridge.
  • sporting groups – when my son did Auskick through our Primary School there was a heap of magnetic stuff in his welcome pack
  • discount stores sell magnetic sheets, they also sell magnetic “L” and “P” plates which may be better value than the sheets in the craft aisle.
  • Office supply stores sell various magnetic products too.

I keep a lot of the packaging material our Stampin’ Up! supplies come in.  I really love the thick sheet of cardboard that comes in our Designer Series Paper packs.  It is fantastic for making boxes, templates and the like.  To store my framelits more successfully I’ve cut some down to slide into the framelit packets, I’ve then adhered magnetic sheets to one side.  I used Fast Fuse to attach the magnets, quicker than wet glue and stronger than SNAIL.  The magnets I used varied on each set depending on the sizes of each of the images.

I then used old catalogues to cut out the photo of the set to stick into the packet for an easy reference when packing up, it’s the easiest way to make sure you have all the correct pieces.

If you don’t have catalogues that you’d be happy to cut up you can place all the framelit pieces on a scanner, they will print out beautifully, then slide this reference in your packet.

I hope this helps!

Tips – how to keep track of what you have!

Check out These Are My Stamps for an excellent way to catalogue your supplies, it is what I use to add my product lists at the end of my posts.

There are other ways to keep a track of what you have.  One of my customers Ruth has a file and uses old catalogues to help her to inventory her supplies.  She loves this as it also includes different ideas for using the stamps she has.

If she doesn’t have a catalogue with that stamp set in it she will simply do up her own page…

My Mum does the same thing, her pages are in alphabetical order of the Stamp Set.  She loves it as she can flick through her book and easily find the right sentiment for her cards.

Both Ruth and Mum love to also add their punches, they simply punch each shape they own.

Another idea I have used is to punch out your shapes onto acetate and use a split ring to keep them all together.  You will use the negative, but doing this your will know the space that you will have, you will be able to hold the negative over the top of your stamped image and you will be able to see how well it fits before committing to punching it out.

If you don’t have a printer than is able to print onto acetate you could always print them out onto card stock and then laminate them.

Tip – using the Stampin’ Up! Grid Paper

Did you know that you can buy the Grid Paper that you will see on your place each time you come along to class?  They are not only great for helping to protect your work surface but  also a fabulous place to jot down your wish list and clean off your blender pens as you work.  They’re also helpful for techniques such as “stamping off” where you need some paper to stamp before actually stamping on your paper.  They also have a ruler so you can double check your measurements as you work.

I found mine to be helpful to line up my photopolymer stamps as I put them on my block.  If you place your stamps as you want them to be on the grid paper you can then position the block above them and you’re all set for perfect stamping.

I wanted my numbers to go over the top of my sentiment, I stamped the sentiment first so that  it would be easier to then stamp the numbers over the top.

Have you got any more examples of how you use your grid paper? While we are talking about clear blocks – did you know we have a cleaning cloth for your clear blocks?
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Grid Paper


A beginner crafter….I begin projects but don’t seem to finish them!

I came across this meme on Facebook and it really resonated with me, unfinished projects are most certainly something I’ve been known to collect!  Hopefully this year I’ll be able to finish a heap of them off!

I decided to tackle one area of the house that was unfinished.  I started brightening up this wall around the middle of last year.  Our lounge room is really dark as it doesn’t have any windows, it has also been painted quite a dark colour so I thought a lighter wall would help.

I was doing pretty well, I got the wall painted, put up some picture shelves from IKEA, found this awesome clock (also at IKEA) and recovered some cushions.  I got started on selecting the pictures and then BAM my external hard disc drive (holding all my photos) crashed.  The photo issue has now been rectified (thanks to Zero Alpha, located at Boondall Qld, absolute legends).

So here it is all done, some of my all time favourite photos are featured here;



Product Spotlight – the Precision Base Plate

Have you noticed all the intricate framelits we have now?  Detailed butterflys, dragonflys and flowers are a beautiful addition to your creations but if they take a long time to cut it may feel like they are not worth using.

We now have the precision base plate and the difference it makes to cutting a framelit is incredible.  The video explains how to use the plate in the Big Shot, remember to NOT use it with your magnetic platform.  More detailed information on how to use your Big Shot can be found in my previous post here.

Here is an example of a butterfly cut using our standard platform in the big shot, it looks ok from the top but once you flip it over you can see that some of the cuts are not deep enough…

This is the view from the back, this butterfly is not going to be easy to get out!

This butterfly has been cut using the Precision Base Plate…

Nice shape deep cuts that can been seen from the back!

Give it a good brush with the fantastic Die Cut Brush, another Stampin’ Up! product!

Viola, this butterfly popped off the framelit with no hassles at all!

Looking up close at the framelit, can you see all those small round “holes” that don’t have anything to do with the butterfly design – these are there simply to help you to gently ease your cut image out of the framelit, you can pop your paper piercer into these holes to push the cut cardstock out. Easy!

For some extra tips watch this video by my bestie Shannon (she doesn’t know she is my bestie yet)…

Remember you can place your own orders in my online store or contact me and I’ll place it for you!

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Precision Base Plate


Big Shot Die Brush


Happy Stampin’


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