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Botanical Builder!

The Botanical Builder Framelits would have to be my most used set in the current Annual Catalogue, I absolutely love it.  Here are some recent projects that I have made using them.  I have added a product list but it isn’t complete, if you have any questions please let me know.

These little treat boxes featured below were made using some cute little pillow boxes I was given.  The sentiment is from “Flower Patch”.

Product List

Say it with flowers!

A friend of mine recently treated herself to a new craft desk (here’s the desk she chose, isn’t it lovely!)

I wanted to make her a little something to celebrate having a beautiful new place to craft, I hope you get the idea, it did look a look better in real life.

The little vase was from IKEA.  The ribbon is the chevron one we had that has since retired.  The paper is the Designer Series Paper called “Typeset” which is also retired.  I absolutely loved these flower dies from the Bouquet Bigz Die (you guessed it also retired).  I added some butterflies (cut with the thinlits in the product list).  Everything is either glued onto florist wire or skewer sticks.  The little tag has been stamped and heat set with white embossing powder.

I recently ran a class with these beautiful flowers….

The bag was just a simple one from a discount store, it doesn’t take much to make it really pop.  Hot glue is your friend when putting together these flowers.  You will find a silicone mat makes it so much easier too.  This video really helped me.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Product List

Bouquet Bigz L Die

Bouquet Bigz L Diekk

Big Shot


Typeset Specialty Designer Series Paper

Typeset Specialty Designer Series Paper


The joy of giving!

Welcome back to the school term for 3 out of 4 of my kids!  My eldest starts University this year, how crazy is that?

I’ve loved Scrapbooking for a long time but the main thing that hooked me into Stampin’ Up! was the ideas for gift packaging.  With four kids in school I’m always keen for inexpensive thoughtful gifts for teachers and support staff.  My fudge recipe is my typical gift but I love to have a new way to package it.  (Find my fudge recipe here)  I had a pile of Stampin’ Up! chevron bags (now retired) and I found an idea for the tag that I modified to suit the supplies that I have.

This particular group was given to our Tuckshop staff at each of our schools.  If they wanted to they would be able to regift the bags and the tags. Also retired are the little clothespin pegs, our other clips would work well too.
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A change of pace, a bit of beading!

My eldest daughter finished high school last year and ended the year with the Formal on the last day.  We were so fortunate to be surrounded by awesome business woman who collectively helped to make my daughter’s evening such a success.

We adore our makeup artist Lauren (fun fact – I was there when she was born),  her skills are incredible and to make it even better she is lovely and very efficient.

You’ll find Lauren’s Facebook page here, her website here and you’ll find her on instagram (laurendelucamakeup) where you will see Tegan’s makeup before and after.

Our hairdresser is also awesome.  We love Stacy and she is also so lovely and quick. She works from her own home salon, we all love going there. You’ll find Stacy on Facebook here, if you don’t have Facebook send me a message and I’ll give you all her contact details.

One of my dearest friend’s found a brilliant local business Mirror Mirror who have blown the idea of a corsage right out of the water.  Her work is divine and the corsage stayed gorgeous all night (it was a typical revolving hot Brisbane day).  The corsage gets delivered to your door so that’s one less thing to worry about on a busy day.  This was the photo my friend took, the colours are really stunning!

Tegan’s was beautiful too.

Once the night is over you still have a beautiful keepsake bracelet. You need to remove the wires (this is very easy to do) and you have extra beads that have been wired through the flowers (you may be able to see them in the photos above).

I added one extra bead and the little padlock from my own beading stash and with the extra beads that were threaded through the flowers I was able to add a little extra section in the bracelet and a set of earrings.

It was a nice change to do something different again, and it has reminded me I have a big pile of broken costume jewellery that I really should fix someday!

Product Spotlight – the Precision Base Plate

Have you noticed all the intricate framelits we have now?  Detailed butterflys, dragonflys and flowers are a beautiful addition to your creations but if they take a long time to cut it may feel like they are not worth using.

We now have the precision base plate and the difference it makes to cutting a framelit is incredible.  The video explains how to use the plate in the Big Shot, remember to NOT use it with your magnetic platform.  More detailed information on how to use your Big Shot can be found in my previous post here.

Here is an example of a butterfly cut using our standard platform in the big shot, it looks ok from the top but once you flip it over you can see that some of the cuts are not deep enough…

This is the view from the back, this butterfly is not going to be easy to get out!

This butterfly has been cut using the Precision Base Plate…

Nice shape deep cuts that can been seen from the back!

Give it a good brush with the fantastic Die Cut Brush, another Stampin’ Up! product!

Viola, this butterfly popped off the framelit with no hassles at all!

Looking up close at the framelit, can you see all those small round “holes” that don’t have anything to do with the butterfly design – these are there simply to help you to gently ease your cut image out of the framelit, you can pop your paper piercer into these holes to push the cut cardstock out. Easy!

For some extra tips watch this video by my bestie Shannon (she doesn’t know she is my bestie yet)…

Remember you can place your own orders in my online store or contact me and I’ll place it for you!

Product List

Precision Base Plate


Big Shot Die Brush


Happy Stampin’


Crafting with my kids

It isn’t easy to encourage the kids into craft, maybe they’ve reached saturation point?  The latest successful non-screen based activity in our house has been to make bath bombs.  It’s a win-win, they’re off their devices, their hands are busy and they are working with beautiful essential oils (our family favourite is lavender).  We are growing lavender too so every time we have enough to dry we add it into the recipe too.

The kids wear gloves and face masks.  The recipe I have used is:

Mix 1 1/2 cups bicarbonate of soda with 1/2 cup citric acid powder (use fine grade, I get mine online from a candle and soap making supplier).  Once they are combined you will add about 6 drops of essential oil and about 1/2 teaspoon of sweet almond oil (from chemists or health food supplies, usually with the massage supplies).  You’ll want to mix these liquids in quickly to prevent too much fix.  You can add food or soap colourings, I have tried this but it left marks on the bath (which did clean off easily but I feel that I would prefer not to add colour if the bath bomb is going to be a gift).

Once the ingredients are mixed by hand (wearing gloves) press them into your choice of mould.  You need to pack it in as firmly as you can.  I’ve read to wipe the mould with sweet almond oil to help to get the bombs out (I didn’t do this) Recently we used a shallow muffin type pan.  I found that the bombs came out quite well if I banged them on the kitchen bench.  I have also used silicone patty pan cases in muffin trays and that worked too.  Whatever you use you will need to leave the bath bombs to dry for 24-36 hours before you attempt to get them out.


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