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I’m dreaming of a handmade Christmas!

I have really basic sewing skills and these totes are perfect for me to be able to get a fabric fix (plus make a very useful gift now that Queensland have finally enforced the plastic bag ban).

Full credit to my friend Alicia for creating the perfect dimensions for this bag!

If you would like to make some this is my method….

Make yourself some templates to make the cutting stage quicker and more accurate.  As you can see my measurements are 50cm x 40 cm with a cut out of 6 cm square on the bottom corners.

With this template you will need two of the outer fabric and two of the liner.  I often use calico to line my bags.

This is the handle, you will need to cut two.  It measures 70cm x 10 cm.

Once cut you will need to iron the handles down the centre and then open back up and fold each side into the centre.

So iron in half down the length.

Then open back up and iron each side into the centre

then fold these onto each other by folding down the centre and iron flat.

You’ll then sew down each edge

The bag outer and liner both get sewn in a similar way.  I used a 1.5 cm seam allowance, I’ve sewn down either side and then the bottom, however on the liner I left it open between the two pins so I will be able to turn out the bag the right way when completed.  For the outer sew straight across that bottom edge.

Pinch the corners to pin up like shown and then sew them closed…

Turn the outer bag right way out and pin the handles in place.  I come in 9 cm from each side.


Now the outer bag with the handles pinned in place gets put inside the liner (which remains wrong side out)

Line up the top edges and pin and then sew (once again 1.5 seam allowance).

Using the hole you left in the bottom edge of the liner pull your bag through to right side out.

Pin the open edge of the bottom of the liner and sew closed on the edge of the right side (this will get pushed into the bottom of the bag and not really noticed.

Pin the top edge neatly and sew around the top edge at about 1 cm all around.

You are done!

Any questions please ask!


The pineapple stamp set retired last year, however I had to keep it in my stash as a bestie said how much she did not relate to the Pineapple trend that you see all over the shops right now.

It was recently her birthday.  I felt it was my duty to get her a pineapple keyring

and a pineapple mug

and make a pineapple tag with the retired stamp (plus the new Happy Birthday thinlit)

And wrap it all up in a cute bucket from Kmart with some gorgeous little pineapple lights.

Obviously she LOVED it.  In an added insult the mug was broken along the way and she cut her finger on the glass #winning

Happy Birthday Mel.  I’ll start collecting for next year…..and remember I “hate” diamonds 🙂

Test tubes!

I love 3D projects and so I fell in love with the new test tubes in the Holiday Catalogue.

Here is a little project I designed for our recent launch day, I thought this would be a perfect little gift for colleagues or a child’s class mates. They are really quick and easy to put together.

Your cardstock is 6 1/2 x 2 inches.  Punch the top with the scallop tag topper.  Score along the long side at 1 inch, 1 3/4 inches, 4 inches and 4 3/4 inches. You will then punch out circles with the 3/4 inch punch.
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Too much fudge is never enough…

One of my daughter’s friends was just about to celebrate a milestone birthday.  Sally is allergic to cocoa butter and so can not have a lot of the chocolate that is available in the shops.  We have worked out the cooking chocolate that we can use in my fudge recipe that you can find here.  I worked out a gift that I could make for her with some special touches from my daughter.

We started with this split ring…

And then I made a series of numbered tags, one for each year, each tag had a punch on the back with sweet sentiments about their friendship.

As you can see they are a collection of different themes and ideas, current and retired products.

This cute little cat was made with the Fox Builder Punch.

Once all the tags were made I added them to 18 bags of fudge…

The idea is that once the fudge is all gone the tags can be threaded onto the split ring as a book of love.

Here’s the card that Tegan had to go along with the gift…

And yes…Sally loved it.



Desk Calendars

Here’s a perfect little something for someone!  I’m sure most people would find a little calendar and some post-it notes handy.  I love giving these to teachers and to friends who have jobs that tie them to a desk.


The little calendars can be found at scrapbooking shops or online.

These little free standing calendar/post-it notes combinations are easy to put together and do not use very many supplies.

Start with a sheet of A4 cardstock, cut it down the length at 10.5 cm.  With one of these pieces score at the centre (approximately 14.8cm) and then score again 7.4cm.

Cut the other strip at 14.8cm, I know the score lines are difficult to see, this is what you’ll have.

Adhesive only goes on the longer piece, on that first section to the score line.

This is how it will fold up once assembled….

You can decorate the top layer to your tastes.  I’ve used a sentiment from “Layering Love” and some paper from a retired pack that is very similar to “Irresistibly Floral Designer Series Paper”.

Line up the smaller piece over the top matching the bottom and sides.

Now you should be able to use your fold lines to get it to stand up, when you have it as you like it adhere a stack of post it notes (this will act as an anchor too).


Another design….

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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I’ll be back soon with a tutorial on how to do my background!


Easy fun gift giving!

I’m happy to be known for giving fudge, it is easy and appreciated – what’s not to like about that?  My recipe is no secret, you can find it here.

The box punch board is a simple way to make many boxes in lots of different sizes.  The punch boards are about the same price as a punch and are incredibly versatile.

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This video describes how to use the punch board beautifully.  We also have the envelope punch board and the gift bag punch board, I love both of them too.


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